“Where I Ruminate on How Communication Technology has Changed the Scholarly Life”


“Where I Ruminate on My First Trip to Scotland Twenty Years Ago and My Introduction to Single Malt Whisky”

“Where I Ruminate about the Mid-Summer Classic”

“Where I Ruminate on My Experience of the British National Health Service”

“On Hearing John Updike’s “Voice” for the First Time”

“An Appreciation: Thomas Merton and Karl Barth”

“September Signals a New Chapter”

“Where I Ruminate on My Long Love Affair with Food”

“The Tools of a Learned Ministry”

On meeting an on-line friend in the flesh: My travels with Jason

“Where I Ruminate on My Ordination on this its Anniversary”

“Ashes and Snow: The Quotidian Graces of my Ash Wednesday”

“A Son’s Remembrance of His Mother on her Birthday: Frances Irene Floyd 1914-1967”

Eastertide Ruminations on Committal Practices

“I Lost My Marbles on the Mohawk Trail”

“Epiphany Ruminations on the Mystery of Baptism”

“Under the Green Canopy: Hiking the Appalachian Trail in the Berkshires”

“Disability and Grace”

“The Shepherd Window: Lost and Found”

“Norwood Days: We all have to start out somewhere”

“Remembering Andrew F. Wissemann (1928-2014)”

“Remembering  Willis Elliott: Theologian and Gadfly”

“A Tribute to Max L. Stackhouse (1935-2016)”

“A Tribute to Meredith Brook “Jerry” Handspicker (1932-2016)

“Mike Maguire and Me: Recollections from Long Ago”

“Remembering William L. Holladay”

“Hinge Time”

“Gabriel J. Fackre (1926-2018) A Remembrance”

“Dudne M. Breeze (1938-2020) A Remembrance”

“Words of Remembrance for Don McGillis (1946-2020)

“Remembering Luther C. Pierce (1924-2021)”

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