Prepare Three Envelopes: A Parable about Pastoral Ministry

The Lost Soul of the Procedural Church

Ten Highly Effective Strategies for Crushing your Pastor’s Morale

Ruminations on Burnout: Should Pastors Really be Working?

Is Clergy Burnout a Symptom of a Crisis of Identity and Vocation?

Pastor’s Aren’t Prophets: Some Unsolicited Advice for Newly-Minted Ministers

A Hundred Lesser Duties: The Marginalization of Preaching

Churches with Adjectives

Where I Ruminate on My Ordination on this its Anniversary

Where I Ruminate on the Several Meanings of the Lord’s Supper

On Christian Writing and Writers

The Tools of a Learned Ministry

The Ministry and its Discontents: Pastors in Peril

Eastertide Ruminations on Committal Practices around Cremation

Karl Barth on “What is Preaching?”

Ten Theses about Interim Ministry

Disability and Grace

“Hold the Water: Where I Ruminate about the Continued Popularity of Watered-downed Christian Apologists”

Do ministers work for the church?

Prophetic’ Pastors Who Don’t Love the Church

Confused:  Interpreting Your Congregation’s Numbers

Christian Teachings about Life After Death

Ministry is not a Commodity, and Ministers are not Appliances: An Installation Sermon

Clergy evaluation committees and why they are a bad idea

The Secret Sauce of Ministry: A Recipe in Two Parts

Some Lenten Reflections on Forgiveness

The Cross and Forgiveness

“Taking the Long View” Reflections of a Retired Pastor

“From Here to There and Back Again: The Journey from Text to Sermon”

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