Rick’s Summer Spaghetti with Uncooked Tomato Basil Sauce

Pasta 3We’ve been cooking variations on this recipe on hot summer days for decades. The original “Silver Palate Cookbook“ had a version that called for Brie, but  we felt that was too rich for a hot summer dinner.

We only make this in late summer when the good local tomatoes come in, and we have fresh herbs in pots ready to go. You do have to cook the pasta, but the rest is uncooked. I combine all the other ingredients in a pasta bowl earlier in the day and let them get happy.

Pasta 1


2 big ripe fresh tomatoes, chopped

¾ cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 cups shredded whole milk mozzarella

2 big cloves of garlic, finely chopped or put through a garlic press

1 cup fresh basil leaves, snipped into shreds with kitchen scissors

½ cup of fresh Italian oregano, stems removed, snipped into shreds with kitchen scissors. (Optional)

Salt and pepper to taste

1 pound spaghetti or other long pasta

Parmesan cheese for grating


Earlier in the day put all the ingredients except the pasta in a large bowl, stir to combine and let sit out at room temperature.

Bring water to a boil, cook pasta, saving a cup of pasta water. When the pasta is al dente or to your liking, drain without rinsing, and add to the pasta bowl. Stir to combine. Add some pasta water as needed to get the right consistency. Serve onto plates and grate Parmesan cheese to taste.

Some crusty bread, a cool salad, and some chilled dry Rosé would round out this easy and tasty summer meal.

Pasta 2

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