“Retirement, Aging, Loss and Change” My Interview on WSBS’s Religious Roundtable


Tune in to WSBS radio tomorrow morning, September 13 at 8:30, and listen to my interview on “Retirement, Aging, Loss and Change.” The Reverend John Wightman, a retired United Church of Christ minister, interviews me on behalf of the Religious Roundtable, a weekly Sunday morning radio show hosted by the Southern Berkshire Clergy Association.

John and I have a good discussion about the resources of faith in times of loss and change, including aging, illness and retirement.

Can’t get up that early or have choir practice? You can download the podcast of the interview here.



2 thoughts on ““Retirement, Aging, Loss and Change” My Interview on WSBS’s Religious Roundtable

  1. Dear Richard,
    You will never know how your message touched me this morning. My husband died a month ago and I have been evacuated from my home because of a wild fire near me. My cat woke me at 3am and I looked up to see thousands of stars twinkling outside-no smoke or ash for the first time in 3 days and nights!! Perhaps the firefighters have slowed it down! I do feel all of Heaven and my husband sending me hope that things will get better!! But I love the image of cheerleaders in Heaven, all my ancestors, friends and church family members cheering me on.
    Wendy Black, Murphys, CA

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