One of my favorites: “Easter” by Arnold Kenseth


An Easter offering by my late friend and colleague Arnold Kenseth:


On Easter the great tower of me falls.
I had built it well; my mind had planned it
After being schooled; my will had special wit
To dig me deep foundations, solid walls,
Blocks of moral toughness, windows to see
The enemy, the friend; large rooms, I thought
For light; and storey upon storey me
I raised, and famously my fame I sought.
So driven to prove the world with my estate.
I had not heard Christ on Good Friday die,
His body crooked, broke, and all friends fled.
I had not wept his cause in my carouse.
But now bold bells scatter against the sky,
And Christ is shattering my death, my pride;
As walls, blocks, windows, rooms, my silly penthouse
Spill into the dust I am, my narrow fate.
At last set free from virtue, knowledge, strife,
I mourn, then praise my God, and enter life.

(“Easter” by Arnold Kenseth

The Ritual Year, Amherst Writers and Artists Press, 1993)

(Photo by Rebecca M. Floyd)

2 thoughts on “One of my favorites: “Easter” by Arnold Kenseth

  1. Hello. I am his grandson, grateful to read your memories of Pop. His language was in my ear my whole life, all poetry, sermon, and prose. I would be very happy to meet you someday and look forward to connecting.

    • Thank you for your comment. I have written several posts about him over the years. He went to Bates with my Dad and they knew each other. I have all his books. Several of them he signed and wrote kind notes. Perhaps after COVID we could meet. Best, Rick Floyd

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