“The Future of Newspapers:” The Third Annual Martin Langeveld Interview

The past two years I have blogged interviews with my friend Martin Langeveld called “The Future of Newspapers.” Martin, a former newspaper publisher, has been tracking this story for several years with regular dispatches from the front on his blog at the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard.  He also comments on this story on his personal blog, News after Newspapers. I ended the interview last year with this comment.  “We’ll see if newspapers survive long enough for us to have another interview next year.”  It appears that they are still here, so Martin kindly consented to another round.

RF: In our first interview way back in 2009 you said, “There are many individual newspapers, especially smaller ones, that are still profitable on an operating basis and probably have some life left in them. Eventually, however, I think the daily newspaper will be a thing of the past.”  Do you still think that, and if so, when will they be gone?  Continue reading