The 28th MCCM Summer Barth Session for Pastors

BarthThe Massachusetts Convention of Congregational Ministers will hold the 28th Summer Karl Barth Session for Pastors on June 10 and 11, 2013 at the First Church and Parish in Dedham, Massachusetts. The topic is “Karl Barth’s Theological Ethics and the Public Square: The Economy.” Our leader will be Dr. Daniel L. Migliore, the Charles Hodge Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary.

We will take up CD III/4, pages 509-64 on work as a part of the active life formed by God’s covenant of creation.. Professor Migliore asks, “Do we have a theology that understands the importance of work from the perspective of God’s intention for human life?” Our afternoon sessions will ponder statements by the administration on “jobs.”

The fee for the two-day session is $50, which includes breakfast and lunch and snacks and an optional dinner at the parsonage on the evening of the 11th. Enrollment is limited. To register e-mail or call the Reverend Rali Weaver at 617-495-5979.

These sessions are designed for pastors. They typically have about 15 participants in a seminar setting. I have attended most of them over the years, and we have been led by notable Barth scholars such as Hans Frei, George Hunsinger, Eberhard Busch and Robert Jensen. It has been mostly UCC and UUA pastors, but we are open to all denominations.

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