“You Won’t Despise a Broken Heart” A Hymn for Lent

Icy Brook

“You won’t despise a broken heart”

You won’t despise a broken heart
or spirits made contrite.
You lift the downcast, stay the proud,
and ancient wrongs make right.

The humble look to you for strength,
for comfort and for peace.
They know you’ll go to any length,
to give their souls release

Through times of hard temptation,
of testing and of trial,
You always go before us,
You’re present all the while.

When danger comes in any hour,
no matter what the test.
You come in presence and in power
to those who seek you best.

On dark Golgotha’s lonely hill,
our hearts were filled with dread.
Bright Easter turns our dread to thrill,
Christ’s risen from the dead!

Recommended tune: Crimond.

©2004 Richard L. Floyd

Here is an engraving of the hymn with the tune Crimond:



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