My Top Ten Suggestions for Red Sox Fans with Time on their Hands

The Boston Red Sox failure to advance from the divisionals means some of us suddenly have time on our hands. So here’s my Lettermanesque top ten things to do with your time:

Remember that book you always wanted to read, but never did? Then they made it into an iconic movie, and you didn’t want to see the movie until you’d read the book, but never did? Now’s your chance. I’m reading The Remains of the Day.

2. Re-read something you really love. I’m re-reading The Death of Adam by Marilynne Robinson and it’s even better the second time.

3. Climb a mountain. Around here Mt. Greylock, while technically not a mountain, is pretty impressive this time of year.

4. Watch a Python movie. We rented Holy Grail the other night and it is still funny, although the VHS from Blockbuster quit about 3/4ths of the way through.

5. Make chili. Here’s a recipe.

6. Read a good blog. My blogroll is over on the right, and it has some good choices. No farther down. Yeah, there.

7. Go to Nejaime’s, the best wine store in the Berkshires, or your local equivalent, and buy a mixed case without any cabernet or chardonnay in it. Try the Spanish reds. That’s the sweet spot these days.

8. Work on a political campaign. They always need help and this is the time of year.

9. Support efforts to get a Berkshire Bike Path from Connecticut to Vermont. We can do it. And should do it.

10. Catch up on your magazines. Never made it through the summer’s New Yorkers? Now is the time. Perhaps a poor choice in this context. How about Field and Stream?