My Top Ten Posts from 2013


As the old year passes and the new year beckons, it is my custom to look back at the popular posts of the year. Here are the most visited posts from 2013:

Saving Thanksgiving from the Retailers
An Ordination Sermon: The Secret Sauce of Ministry. A Recipe in Two Parts
Unity in The United Church of Christ: A Theological Reflection
Clergy Evaluations and Why They are a Bad Idea
Ministry is not a Commodity and Ministers are not Appliances: An Installation Sermon
Hearing God’s Word From Unexpected Places
“What’s the Point?” Reflections on Christian Eschatology
“From Here to There and Back Again” The Journey from Text to Sermon
“The Towers we Build? or God our Strong Tower? A Sermon on Psalm 46
“We Give Thee but Thine Own” A Stewardship Sermon

And these were the top ten posts of all time:

Confused? Interpreting Your Congregation’s Numbers
Why did Jesus refer to Herod as “That fox” in Luke 13:13-32
Prayer for a Retired Pastor
“Rejoice! Rejoice!” A Sermon for the Third Sunday in Advent
“God Gives the Growth.” A Retirement Sermon
There is Nothing to be Afraid of!” A sermon on Psalm 27:1-2
“Behind Locked Doors” A Sermon on John 20:24-29
A book review of Elizabeth Strout’s “Abide with Me”
The Lord Will Provide.” A Sermon on Genesis 22
The Ministry and its Discontents: Pastors in Peril

Thanks for dropping by, and keep visiting in 2014.

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